Comfortex has taken the stress out of matching or coordinating your shades. Simply use the Color Lux color deck to find the shade color that best suits what you are trying to match or coordinate. Whether your inspiration is furniture, drapery, bedding or pillows, you can rest assured that the color you need can be found amongst the 800 colors in the Color Lux color deck. Watch our video to learn how to use the color deck.


Choose from one of the four color collections designed with guidance from world class colorist Kate Smith, to offer trending choices for the look you want.

Timeless Neutrals

Create an everlasting impression with our Timeless Neutrals color collection. View the whole collection.

Perfect Pastels

Unwind and avail yourself to the calming colors in our Perfect Pastels color collection. View the whole collection.

Nature’s Elements

Embrace the beauty of nature and it’s glory with our Nature’s Elements color collection. View the whole collection.

Vivid Expressions

Step into a world of excitement with our Vivid Expressions color collection. View the whole collection.

Backed by Professionals in the Color Industry

Kate Smith

Kate Smith

President and Chief Color Maven at Sensational Color


Kate Smith shows companies, designers, and consultants how to become a go-to resource for color expertise. With her guidance many clients increased both their customer base and revenue by providing color information, tools and services that set them apart from their competition.