Color Without Compromise

Comfortex has taken the stress out of matching or coordinating your shades. Simply use the Color Lux color deck to find the shade color that best suits what you are trying to match or coordinate. Whether your inspiration is furniture, drapery, bedding or pillows, you can rest assured that the color you need can be found amongst the 800 colors in the Color Lux color deck.




Step 1:

Use the color deck to select a color that you feel best matches the object.

Step 2:

Make a note of the color number and visit a Comfortex Window Fashions dealer nearest you to place your order.

Step 3:

Sit back and enjoy your perfectly coordinated room!

Tip: Once you have the color selected hold the color sleeve up to, as well as a slight distance away from the object. This will ensure that the color you selected looks good at a distance and up close.

 “The Color Lux color deck is a great and easy tool for anyone to use when matching or coordinating decor throughout your home!”

- Kate Smith | President of Sensational Color