Odysee™ Cellular Blinds offer the convenient operation of a blind with the soft fabric look and feel of a shade. Innovative fully functional vanes compress to offer a clear view and expand to 1″ cells to provide significant insulation for year round energy efficiency.


Odysee - Insulating Cellular Blinds Fabric
Non-Woven Polyester

A knit polyester with a non-woven polyester backing. The knit material, available in over 800 colors and textures, provides the outer soft and aesthetic portion of the cell. The inner stiffened non-woven polyester is a light filtering, provides the structure to the operable cells, and helps to control light and privacy.


Below are some of the solid colors available on Color Lux Odysee fabric. To view all available colors and patterns try our design tool.


Create the ideal Color Lux Cellular Blind with hardware that fits your lifestyle so you can create a room you’ll love. Color Lux Cellular Blinds are standard with fabric insert rails. The fabric used to cover the rails is the same as the blind. The back of the rails remain white, matching the back of the shade. 

Cord Loop

This is a cord loop operating system. The cord loop is pulled in a circular motion to raise or lower the shade. The fabric insert creates a, stylish look from top to bottom.

Remote Motorization

A remote control or wall mounted switch controls a motor within the shade or blind. The motor raises and lowers the window treatment. Can be programmed. 29 coordinating rail colors and end caps create a seamless, stylish look from top to bottom.

PowerTouch™ Motorization

PowerTouch™ Motorized Shades are the perfect battery powered option for the budget savvy consumer. The wand and pendant operation lifts and lowers the shade with the touch of a button.